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  • How to Winterproof a Home?

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    Whether you've lived in cooler climates a month or 5 decades these simple tips will help you get your house ready for the snow, wind, frost, and arctic glaze that you'll soon come to love.

    Gutter Work

    The changing of the leaves are a beautiful rite of Autumn but a proper fall cleanup should include ridding your lawn, sidewalk, and gutters of the remains. If you aren't comfortable on a ladder, ask a handyman service to clean leaves and debris out of gutters to prevent ice damming which prevents water from flowing freely off the roof and eventually causes the home to leak.

    Hole Check

    It's important to scan the outside of your home before it gets too cold to look for holes and cracks, especially where pipes exit and enter the house. Use spray foam or caulk to fill in any holes which let cold air in – both potentially damaging pipes as well as increasing utility bills

    Tidy Up Windows

    Window screen should be removed and storm windows installed the first time the furnace kicks in for the year (except on really cold summer nights.) The windows are not prepped yet though as some people forget to install plastic on the inside using a hair dryer to shrink wrap it into place. This extra layer blocks any extra draft that may get through a storm window crack.

    Get an Inspection

    It might seem like an unnecessary expense but having a handyman service look over your home before the frigid months can provide a sound peace of mind. The professionals will look over your home to make sure the furnace is working properly and show you little things like how to shut off the water just in case the pipes burst. If the handyman does find something, it's much easier to perform maintenance such as fixing structure damage or installing an emergency pressure release while the weather is somewhat forgiving.