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  • How do I select bathroom vanities?

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    Crafting an inspiring bathroom design shouldn’t be that difficult today, given the number of home improvement stores offering high-profile bathroom items today. This is why so many people overlook this area of the home when it comes to decorating and design. However, with a clear plan and a little bit of work, you can create the bathroom that you've always dreamed of having – starting with your vanity.  Here’s the best way to select your new style and tone of bathroom vanity:


    Obviously, you’ll want to accentuate your design concept by having the correct color.  Many individuals paint or decorate their walls before choosing their vanity; perhaps you’d find home improvement fruition by selecting your cabinetry first, then painting.

    Know your available space

    There's quite a bit to consider when approaching a bathroom re-do. How much can I spend? What do I want to change? Do I need a contractor? So many questions! Luckily, there are a few set rules when it comes to designing a modern bathroom. On average, cabinet replacement can take up 50% of the total cost of a bathroom remodel, making them a big point of concern. To make your life a little easier, follow the guidance of Sacramento handymen when remodeling your bathroom cabinetry as they’ll know what available space you’re working with.

    Know proximity to water heater

    Most everyone depends on hot water for such activities as showering or bathing, and washing dishes or clothing. Unfortunately, all too many people take their hot water heaters for granted. Your water heater must be maintained properly to keep it in top condition, yet more importantly, your newly installed vanity shouldn’t be miles away from the hot water heater; make sure you’re planning your hot water lines properly or it may take several long minutes for shower water to get warm.

    Choose vanities wisely

    As the temperatures begin to fall, now would be the best time to dust off that to do list that was left behind while having fun during the summer. You may find there are projects on the list that you really want done in time for end of the year holiday gatherings or something that can keep you occupied during the winter. Regardless of the time table you set for your project, it is important you choose the right product with which to finish it – all the more reason you should choose your bathroom vanities with intelligence and vigor, and with the help of your trusted Sacramento handyman.