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    A new bathroom or shower room might be just what you are dreaming of, but there is more involved with a shower and bath refurbishment than you might first imagine. It is not as simple as choosing a new suite and fitting it; if only it was. In fact, tackling bathroom remodeling alone is one of the worst mistakes you could make, that is unless you are a qualified plumber, plasterer and decorator! So, if your old shower is looking tired or you fancy a bathroom revamp, it is time to call in your local specialist.

    Your local handyman for bath shower remodeling will not only give you a friendly service and one you can rely on, he can help you with all the stages of your shower room make-over from choosing the tiles to budgeting for accessories. Below are just some of the points your local bathroom refit specialist can do for you, the advantages of calling in the experts far outweighing trying to tackle the job yourself. After all, do you really want to be without a shower for weeks on end?

    Plumbing issues

    When you are planning a shower and bath refurbishment, your local handyman can advise you on the general health of your plumbing. Depending on the age of your property, it may be advisable to fit new pipes at the same time as carrying out your bathroom refit, all the mess being confined to a few weeks. If your pipework is sound, then that's great news, but you will still need to know whether your new suite will accommodate the pipework your already have. In general, it is not advisable to change the whole layout of your bathroom unless totally necessary, but you will be able to do things such as replace a bidet for a shower cubicle, or indeed a faucet for a lavatory, using the existing plumbing but making cosmetic changes only.

    Color scheme

    A shower room makeover may mean totally changing the color scheme of your room, or perhaps just adding a few new shades. Your local bathroom refit specialist will be able to advise you on color schemes, styles and will guide you through the steps involved in choosing your new suite. Firstly he will measure up the existing space in your bathroom or shower room, and with these measurements as a guideline he will be able to offer you some choices for your bathroom revamp.


    If you think that tackling your bathroom makeover yourself will save you money, you are more than likely mistaken. By calling in the professionals the job will be done quickly, with virtually no mess, and you can forget booking extra time off work. By working with your local handyman you will know just how much your refit will cost, and there will be no hidden added extras cropping up along the way. Work out what the maximum amount is you wish to spend on your bath shower remodeling and discuss just what you can afford.

    A shower room refit or bathroom revamp should be a time of fun and anticipation, not one of leaky pipes and soggy floor boards. So call in your local bath and shower specialists right away for a quote and start planning your refurbishments today.