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  • How to Pick Paint Colors for Each Room?

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    Finding a mutual color coordination is important because you don't want a fuchsia toned den to be a constant source of resentment between your family. There are actually some simple tips to follow to find the right starting point for each room color in your home.

    Match Your Current D├ęcor

    If you're painting the rooms yourself instead of hiring a handyman service, the job is relatively inexpensive. That being said, if wanting a green living room means you'll have to change out your yellow sofa, purple curio cabinet, and pink bearskin rug than you just blew your budget. Take home color swatches from the paint supply store and see which ones best match your sofa, carpet, hardwood floors, and other interior decorations.

    Define the Room

    Many times the mood of a room will be subconsciously affected by the main color theme on the walls. You don't really want bright yellow walls in a room you want to use for relaxing, meditating, reading, etc and likewise drab colors don't really fit in a child's playroom. Set out a plan of what you want to do with the room and the right colors will come to you.

    Meet In the Middle

    If a couple just can't decide on a color, perhaps they should meet in the middle by using a two tone color scheme or using a darker or lighter accent of one's preferred color. There are other options such as wainscoting panels in one shade halfway up the wall and a color scheme on top. Sometimes it's just fun to fight but with a little outside the box thinking both parties can find a ground they both agree on.

    Be Patient but Be Confident

    You don't need to rush into a color because it strikes inspiration immediately. Be patient and meditate on different decorating ideas for a few days. That being said, don't be afraid to take a chance on a vivid color especially if you're painting a wall yourself. I've always said if you like it, give it a try....after all you can always paint over that hideous apple green bathroom that seemed like a good idea at the time.