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  • Should I use natural stone tile for my bathroom remodel?

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    Many people want to know about natural tiles in a bathroom remodel. Sacramento has a lot to offer in respect to custom tile designers, and this comes up quite a bit. When you're looking into ideas, you'll see display upon display of styles that have evolved throughout the past decade or so. It doesn't seem that long ago that all the options you had involved a back-splash and a row or two around the bath, but now, you have so much more to choose from.

    The first thing that you need to know about using this type of tile is that you're going to have to work to keep it looking good. Some people will tell you not to use it at all, because of this. The rule of thumb when using natural tile is, the softer the type of stone you're using, the more you're going to have to work to maintain it. Tavertine, though incredibly popular, requires a lot of work, as do most slates. You can opt for marble, granite, and quartzite for less work in maintaining the tiles.

    Natural stone is typically cut into tiles of about 12 inches or more. It's known for being very easy to care for and it's tough, probably the most durable option in flooring. However, it might not be best if you do not have a strong subfloor and it can be very slippery when it gets wet, particularly the highly polished styles. Usually when you use natural stone in a bathroom, it's best to opt for that which has been textured and honed, or one of the two, to keep it safer and less slippery.

    Another thing to think about when using natural stone is that if you're using it in the bath and shower, you'll need to have it specially sealed to prevent moisture damage. It offers a unique, sophisticated look but there's nothing sophisticated about falling down while bathing. Also having something added to the shower pan or tub to keep it from being slick works well.

    When you use this type of tile in your bathrooms, even just on the floors and otherwise, it's pretty important to re-seal it on a regular basis. Natural tile is a good choice in your bathroom if you understand the care involved and makes for a beautiful, sleek design. This lends a classic air to any type of d├ęcor and can fit in well with most bathroom remodels.