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  • Latest Bathroom Remodel Trends

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    Every homeowner knows how it's important to carry out remodeling projects on their houses every few years. Timely renovation not only gives your home the much required makeover but also increases the financial value of your home should you decide to sell it. One of the most important renovation projects is bathroom remodeling and hence it should be properly planned and executed. Whatever options of bathroom remodel Sacramento you may be considering, knowing the following latest trends will enable you give your bathroom a modern touch. Just ensure you hire a reputable Sacramento Shower Remodel company.

    Latest Bathroom Remodel Sacramento Trends:

    • Double Vanities: Double vanities are functional and give your bathroom a stylish look. A double vanity in dark-wood paneling alongside bowl-shaped marble sinks can be a good investment. You may even choose a floating double vanity made of materials such as marble or granite. Glass cabinets can then be installed in the space left behind the floating vanity.
    • Ceiling Height Mirrors: Another major bathroom renovation trend in Sacramento is installation of wall-sized mirror in front of a vanity. The mirror should have a crown molding trim in a sleek and matte finish.
    • Modern Lighting: Installation of ceiling mounted light fixtures can be a great way to give the bathroom soft and diffused lighting . When it comes to task lighting, install two wall-sconces on one side of the wall-sized mirror. Modern trends require contemporary geometrical lighting fixture designs in chrome, steel or nickel.
    • Stone Tiled Walls: Stone tiles give the bathroom a spa like ambiance. Install these tiles on one of the walls for a minimalist appearance. Stone tiles when used on shower walls coupled with glass doors look stylish and modern. River stones may also be installed on the shower floor.
    • Custom Cabinetry: No modern bathroom is complete without cabinets for storing bath towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies. Storage cabinets can be built under a vanity to use the space efficiently and give it a trendy and chic appearance. Painting cabinets in pale colors, such as off white, give a calming ambiance.
    • Natural Floors: Natural flooring materials, such as travertine, limestone and slate tiles, gives the bathroom a rugged but warm appearance.
    • Neutral and Pale Colors: Latest color trends tend to lean towards neutral and pale colors such as off white, navy, rust, gold, beige, copper, dove gray and peach. These colors can be used in wall and floor tiles, countertops and cabinets.