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  • Kitchen Design Styles

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    Modern kitchen cabinets and countertops are designed on principles of one-dimensional geometric figures, like squares, rectangles and triangles. The vertices or corner points of every figure used in designing the kitchen, has either a cupboard, a range, a refrigerator, or a sink in them. Some small basic floor plans for kitchen design have been created, based on this principle . Below are some great conventional kitchen design ideas that Sacramento kitchen remodel professionals often use.

    Kitchen Design Styles

    • One Wall Design: This is the basic design. It has a straight kitchen platform and all the bigger kitchen devices i.e: refrigerator, cupboard, kink and range, are all put in a single straight line, with the wall acting as support. The single wall design is a popular and cheap kitchen design plan. It works quite well if one wants to combine the kitchen and living or dining room. Several advanced floor and kitchen plans are based on this design.
    • Corridor Plan: This is another version of the one walled plan. This plan is implemented basically in places where kitchens have double-doors, or is along the corridor. This design plan basically includes two kitchen platforms parallel to one another. The design plans are more suitable for kitchens with smaller width and length.
    • The L-shaped Design: This is also very popular and is used in old styled homes, where dining rooms and kitchens are combined. The only disadvantage here are the gadgets, which are put at the two corners, making you to walk more.
    • The Double L Design: This has a double L located parallel to one another. The double-L is easier to use compared to the usual L layout because the surface area can be extended. It also allows for the kitchen user, to have more sinks in the kitchen. The design is common in houses where the kitchen and living room are combined. Smaller L-shaped platform here acts as a partition between two rooms. Another benefit of this is that one can use a smaller platform as table top for meals.
    • U-Shaped Design: This kind of design is mainly employed in kitchens that are smaller in size. As the name of the design suggests, the kitchen design plan is simply U-shaped. One may refer to it as an advanced version of the corridor kitchen design plan. This U-shaped platform is really easy to build and design.

    These are some of the common kitchen design styles. Just look for a reliable Sacramento kitchen remodel company to help you in choosing and implementing the right one.