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  • How to Keep Mice Out of a House?

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    It's one thing to deal with the unsavory sounds of mice rummaging through your drywall and drop ceiling but when they decide to do back strokes in your drink cup, it's time to serve an eviction notice to these arrogant furry critters. Luckily there are a few easy and inexpensive steps to keep your home free of the gold medalist Mice Phelps.

    Block Every Potential Mouse Entrance

    This first task is the hardest but also the most effective method of preventing rodents from entering the home. Scan the perimeter of your house for obvious holes or openings where mice could enter – holes near pipes, loose siding near the ground, and cracks where foundation meets wood all open a mouse's eyes like the Welcome to Las Vegas sign does to us. Here's the thing, a mouse only needs about 3/8" opening to enter your home so when in doubt – foam or caulk it out. You might also want to get a handyman to install new tin near the bottom of your siding if there isn't some there already.

    Tidy Up the Joint

    The mice didn't choose to come to your place because you're good company and have the best satellite TV package in the area, they were drawn to your home probably because it's a great marketplace of resources for them. Old cake and pizza left on the counter is an obvious no-no but so is having piles of cardboard, newspaper, or insulation lying around. This includes cleaning up not only debris from outside the house, but also trimming up bushes, tidying compost piles, and potentially moving wood piles away from the house.

    If They've Already Invaded

    Blocking the home and cleaning up the area will help keep mice away, but it doesn't do any good if just like a scary movie "the scratching is coming from inside the house!" Besides traps  throughout your home, many people use the P&P approach – Poison & Predators. Putting poison traps throughout your home is kind of risky because the mice eat it, die, then stink up your house as the body decomposes in a drop ceiling somewhere. If you aren't allergic, rescuing a mouser cat from a pet shelter has a three-fold return – you feel better about yourself, you've gotten rid of the scratching and clawing in your house, you can take a drink of water in the middle of the night without finding a furry surprise...well unless it's a cat hairball.