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    Handyman Network specializes in Interior/Exterior Painting. From a standard two color exterior to a custom multi color interior, we can Paint it. Need those Kitchen cabinets painted or lacquered, we do that to. Our perpetration work is outstanding before we start, because we know that sets the foundation for a great paint job. We can also help by using our contractor’s license (Kelly Moore) to get you a better price on your materials – You get contractor pricing. From small projects to the larger projects, you can count on Handyman Network to get the job done right and on time.

    When it comes to big remodel jobs such as house painting, the Do-it-Yourself method can not only be overwhelming, but dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. When it comes to Sacramento house painting, it is best to leave it to the professionals at the Handyman Network. Not only are professionals insured, but also they have the experience and expertise to give you the best result.

    One of the biggest reasons people hire professional painters is because of the technique they possess. Painters are trained to paint with an even and smooth finish, eliminating brush strokes and blotchy spots. Painters also tape off sections to make for perfect lines, they lay down tarps to eliminate splatter on the floor and protect your furniture.

    So what can Sacramento house painting contractors do that the average homeowner cannot?

    • Powerwash! Powerwashing cleans the exterior of your home, deck, sidewalk and more. It will drastically improve the overall appearance of your home, and it is a quick and affordable process.

    • Professional painters can help you decide which colors will look best on the interior or exterior of your home. They also provide tints, different finishes and employ various techniques if you desire a decorative look.

    • They can get the job done quicker! For a painting job that may take you weeks to complete when you have free time can be completed by a professional in a matter of hours or days.

    • Professional painters are trained to not only paint, but on the varied safety aspects of painting as well. Being atop a high ladder or working on ceilings can be dangerous, and expert Sacramento house painting contractors utilize sturdy ladders and complete tool sets that the average homeowner may not have in their possession. In addition, professional painters are licensed and insured to guarantee safety and cover damages should any occur.

    • Exterior house painting is an extremely time consuming process, especially if your home hasn’t been painted in years. Professional painters don’t cut any corners; they will scrape, sand, prime and paint your home with the best quality paint available.

    Next time you decide that it’s time to spruce up your home with a new paint job, remember all of the tasks that come along with painting and ask yourself if it’s a project you really want to undertake. Make the smart decision, hire a Sacramento house painting company, and save yourself the aggravation!