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    So what makes it time for you to a call Handyman Network about an electrical project you have in mind? Have you noticed your lights are starting to flicker when you turn them on, or maybe the electrical in a couple outlets just doesn’t seem to be working anymore? Yep, that’d be the time. Maybe you just have a question or idea you wanted to quickly run by someone? Well, along with being able to send out one of our qualified electricians for a free estimate, our office staff is here to answer any general questions you might have before booking your appointment! With Handyman Network you can get any question answered or project finished. Whether it’s changing out a light fixture or re-wiring your whole house, we can handle any electrical job!

    Some electrical issues in the home are best left to a professional Sacramento electrical services company. While you may be able to replace a blown fuse or perform an easy electrical repair, it can be dangerous to venture into electrical repair on your own if you are not experienced. Luckily, the professionals at the Handyman Network take the guess out of hiring an electrician in the Sacramento area.

    1. Before you start calling a professional Sacramento electrician, evaluate the job and make a list of all the things that are wrong so that you are able to provide a complete description to the bidding electricians.

    2. Be sure to explain to the bidding electricians all of the work that needs to be done upfront in order to get a complete quote and limit any future confusion about the job.

    3. Get multiple bids for large projects and ask for job specifications in writing for your records.

    4. Ask questions. Inquire about experience or any specialties the electrician may possess. Asking for references from past customers and checking those references ensures that you receive the level of service you expect and deserve.

    5. When hiring a Sacramento electrical services contractor, be sure that they are properly insured and certified. Most cities require that electricians be licensed, bonded and insured before they can legally perform work.

    Electricians can be expensive and often times, consumers are generally shocked at the size of their electrician’s bill. In order to get the most bang for your buck, be very thorough in your inspection of all electrical problems and try to group electrical repairs into one call. Don’t attempt to fix electrical problems on your own, as you may cause more problems to arise!

    Finally, remember that sometimes skill and experience with a higher hourly rate can be more beneficial to you then hiring an inexperienced electrician with a lower hourly rate. Having an inexperienced electrician who can’t complete the job within a reasonable time frame, needs to come back to finish the job, or doesn’t complete the job right the first time may require you to hire a second Sacramento electrical services company which will cost you more money in the long run.

    When hiring a professional Sacramento electrician, ask him or her to do a check of your home to look for other problems. Inquire about any old wiring in your home or issues that may not be visible to the naked eye.