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  • Great Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Ideas

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    Vanity cabinets are amazing utility pieces that are found in many modern bathrooms. Vanities not only add a touch of class to the bathrooms, but they also offer perfect storage units. You should consider adding this extremely useful furniture to your bathroom; whether it’s large or small. A well-designed vanity will help you keep all your bathroom essentials organized. If you are planning to remodel, you should choose the right bathroom vanity cabinets that would accommodate many items without occupying much floor space. Here are some vanity ideas for bathrooms that you may want to ask a professional to implement in your bathroom.

    If you want to add bathroom cabinets, the first thing you need to consider is the space available. If the vanity occupies all the extra space in your bathroom, it would have a cluttered look. So choose the right size. If the bathroom does not have a sink, you can buy compact and classic vanity designs, particularly the corner pieces. If the space available is too small, go for a small wall cabinet alongside a wall hung vanity underneath the sink, as long as it will offer enough space for storage.

    When working on designs for vanities, you need to consider the compartments. A vanity cabinet with 2-4 small drawers, just beneath the vanity top can be perfect for organizing your grooming essentials. There should be 3-4 shelves in the drawers based on the height of your cabinet. You may also opt for adjustable shelves which allow you to increase the height of shelves depending on the height of objects to be placed inside. You may also add organizer boxes inside these closed shelves for keeping towels, bath robes, bathing accessories, cleaning solutions and clothing. Another great idea is to add small, open shelves beside the mirrors for storing small items such as liquid bottles.

    Modern vanities come in a wide variety of materials and colors. The most common material is wood. You can choose a simple, natural finish wooden vanity or a wooden vanity covered with colored veneers. You should choose light colored veneers or laminate for vanities such as classic white veneers. Adding frosted or transparent glass doors to a wooden vanity can add a touch of style to your bathroom. If you have chosen a wooden vanity with a natural finish, you can add antique drawer knobs, pulls or handles. You can choose the vanity tops depending on the material of the main structure. Marble, glass, wood or granite is the ideal option for vanity tops.

    The aforementioned ideas will certainly give your bathroom a sophisticated look. All you have to do is look for a highly experienced professional to help you in implementing them. They can even give you more ideas and guide you on the best vanity for your bathroom. The size of a bathroom does not determine how this furniture will transform your bath space. What matters is the design, material and color of the vanity as well as whether they have been implemented by a professional.