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  • Factors to consider when remodeling a kitchen

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    If you plan to remodel your kitchen, be well aware that the process is among the most costly home remodeling projects. It is important to know what exactly you want and also how you want it to look so that you work within your budget. When designing the kitchen and selecting materials and fittings, concentrate on both the aesthetics and the functionality. There is no need to have a well designed kitchen, lacking storage area for food items and utensils. This can be avoided by making a kitchen remodeling checklist before having a professional kitchen remodel Sacramento. The following is an example of a checklist for kitchen renovation projects.

    Kitchen Remodel Sacramento Checklist

    • Kitchen Storage: This is often overlooked. When preparing a kitchen remodeling checklist, decide on the kitchen cabinets as well as utensils and pantry storage. For your kitchen cabinets, you can either opt for frameless or face frame construction. The former are suited for modern kitchen décor while the latter are good for traditional décor. When it comes to materials, you may choose either laminate, metal or wood. Your choice and budget dictates the design and material to choose for kitchen cabinets. Storage of food staples, such as rice, wheat and pasta, requires a pantry shelf.
    • Kitchen Countertop: This is very crucial and there are various options to choose from. The material must be heat resistant, easy to clean and scratch-proof . You can use laminate, wood, tiles, and stone. Stone is very durable though it may be costly. If working within a budget, use laminate since it is less costly but durable.
    • Flooring: For flooring, you can use bamboo or hardwood to give the kitchen a warm appearance. If the budget doesn’t allow for a hardwood floor, use vinyl or ceramic tile floors. Such tiles can be found in various designs, colors and sizes that will match one’s kitchen décor. Avoid marble floors because they are very porous and prone to sticking stains. Stone floors may be beautiful but are not ideal for cold regions.
    • Lighting: When it comes to kitchen lighting, consider installing both general and task lighting. You can use recessed lighting on kitchen ceiling or pendant lighting on walls. Such kitchen lighting options are suitable for general lighting, but for task lighting, undercabinet lighting fixtures are the best. Lighting fixtures with down-lighting and up-lighting can also be used. Up-lighting fulfills the general lighting requirements while down-lighting offers task lighting.
    • Kitchen Sink and Faucets: These must be of good quality. The sinks can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials such as granite, tiles, slate, and steel. For faucets, you can use pull out or pull down model in materials such as chrome, brass and copper.