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  • What's the Way to Extract a Stripped Screw?

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    Building a project at home is usually done with precision and attention to detail as to not destroy the very item you just invested in. That being said taking down that same item years later is often met with a 'get this eyesore out of here ASAP' approach. You can avoid a screw in a hole from becoming a stick in the mud with a few of these tried and true methods.

    Try a Rubber Band

    A stripped screw might be the one problem that duct tape can't fix but its neighbor in the tool box – the rubber band – could do the job. If the head of a screw is stripped out the screwdriver will simply spin like a pizza on a record player at a 3 A.M. You'll likely have plenty of rubber bands laying around and they are definitely the cheapest solution to the stripped screw head problem.

    Purchase a Screw Extractor

    Buying a screw extractor bit involves spending some money but the tool can salvage a purchase such as a used swing set. The most basic extractors are only about $10 and work the same way as a standard bit – inserted into a drill and removed in reverse. More complex extractor kits can retail for over $100 and involve drilling into the screw and using a bit, nut, and wrench to finally remove the pesky stripped screw.

    Bore Out the Screw

    Boring out a broken screw can be a difficult process and should potentially be performed by a handyman service so that damage to an item's surface doesn't occur. A screw stuck in wood can simply be pounded out but one that is trapped in metal will damage threads if too much excessive force is used. A metal drill bit slightly smaller than the stripped screw's shaft can be used to bore out the hole and make the screw weak enough to be extracted.

    For the most part, a stripped screw isn't a deal breaker in a project, they just take some precision and care so that the surrounding area isn't damaged. As with anything, if you don't feel comfortable handling the tools required or risking ruining the surface of an object simply call a handyman service. Projects like extracting stripped screws can be completed by professionals in minutes at a minimum fee.