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  • What are common tools and materials used by bathroom remodel pros?

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    Today’s Sacramento handyman uses tools and materials indicative of whatever job they’re working on.  We all know screwdrivers, hammers, nails and screws will be an inevitable part of the bathroom’s modus operandi, yet what other tools or materials find their way into your bathroom during the remodeling process? We look inside the tool chest of today’s bathroom installer:


    Polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC, is a thermoplastic that has great strength and corrosion resistance. These properties, along with its relatively low cost, have made PVC one of the most widely used construction materials in the world. Are you thinking of making your bathroom remodel project a one-off affair? Though the material is known for being easy to handle and maintain, its most attractive property is the fact it lasts longer than older pipes.


    Unless you've been living on a desert island all your life, you'll have seen ceramic tiles in a variety of different situations. From mosaics to bathroom walls to furniture, ceramic tiles are as versatile as they are attractive.  Today, wood tiles and other organic materials are finding their way into bathrooms worldwide, and professional handymen are carrying plenty of extras these days.

    The pipe wrench

    The bathroom installer’s best friend – a multipurpose pipe wrench that won’t twist the dickens out of PVC, is gentle enough on copper fittings yet does the trick in getting older iron pipes loosened.  These archaic tools are timeless classics used by every Sacramento handyman; they are actually getting much lighter and stronger, thanks to newer titanium alloys being used instead of lead or tungsten.


    One of the greatest benefits of being a homeowner is the ability to retrofit every single room in the house in order to better suit your needs. While some spaces in the house can be done by the homeowner alone, when it comes to kitchen and bath design, we always recommend homeowners to work closely with either a registered interior designer or a certified kitchen and bath designer as both professionals have received enough training on the subject and they will be better prepared to handle all the odds and ins related to the design and retrofit of your bathroom.

    Knowing the tools of any Sacramento handyman is about 10% of the battle; finding the right company to send an experienced handyman your way is where the challenge resides – choose your bathroom installer wisely, and his tools will surely follow.